We are proud to introduce the Platinum and Platinum+ makeover to Imogen Dental

This bespoke and exclusive range of care is for those patients who wish to ensure that their aesthetic expectations are met. In conjunction with our highly skilled and experienced technicians (Precision Dental Studio) and our team at Imogen Dental, we will first and foremost endeavour to provide you with dentistry that is precise, of the finest quality and ultimately centred around you.

For those patients who wish to have just one crown placed or replaced, to those who require a complete superior make over, the new ID Smile design will allow you to see how our team can transform your smile before any work is even started. The ID Smile design allows a partnership to form between you, your dentist and the technician so we can understand your needs and expectations before a bespoke plan can be devised.

The ID Smile design involves taking photos of your teeth and developing a computer generated makeover for you to see. You are still involved in the whole makeover process with a complimentary visit to the technician's laboratory to discuss with them the colour and shape of your new teeth. The technician will then construct your crown, bridge, or dentures using the best materials and techniques available to them.


Dental Bridges

A way to replace missing teeth