What is a dental veneer?

Veneers can make your teeth look natural and healthy, improving the colour, shape and position of your teeth. They can hide stained, chipped, misshapen or crooked teeth, or cover gaps in teeth where orthodontic treatment may not be suitable.

A veneer is a thin, custom-made moulding that is used to cover the front surface of a tooth, usually made from porcelain.

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Caring for veneers

Veneers should last for many years. However, veneers can be broken, chipped and cracked the same way as natural teeth can. Small chips may be repairable, or the veneer can be replaced.

Regular visits to your dentist and dental hygienist are recommended, where they can check and clean the veneer and recommend an appropriate home care regime.

How long will a veneer last?

Veneers should last for many years. Your dentist will be able to advise how long they would expect a veneer to last in your individual circumstance, and advise how to effectively look after your veneer, to ensure a prolonged life.


Dental crowns

Crowns can be used to cover and protect damaged or weak teeth